Manatee Unit Study – Puerto Rico Country Study

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Puerto Rico Country Study

(Preschool – High School Ages) Updated 2018

*digital product – interactive – print only the pages needed

Is it a manatee or a dugong?

Manatee Unit Study – The study of manatees will lead you through a journey rich in history and folklore. Along with science, you will explore far away lands, do art projects and learn about this gentle sea creature. Did you know that manatees have been mistaken for mermaids in history? Find out when and how these cows of the sea inspired many a tall tale from early explorers.

Includes a fun interactive study from under the sea!

Country study on Puerto Rico also includes delicious native recipe the family can prepare together with the Kids in the Kitchen feature. Newly added Teen Pages offer projects for teens and tweens.

96 pages of interactive learning fun!


Manatee Unit Study – Puerto Rico Country Study

Learn to draw a manatee, compare and contrast the size of the manatee to items in your home or neighborhood in this Manatee Unit Study. Students graph results and retain what they learn with these and other hands on learning projects.

Manatee Unit Study

Learn to draw a manatee, compare and contrast the size of the manatee to items in your home or neighborhood. Students graph results and retain what they learn with these and other hands on learning projects.

The Design in Creation pages will teach you about the immune system of the manatee. Their special diet and perfectly designed mouth help them eat and point directly to the Creator. Learn how and why as you work your way through this study.

Manatee Unit Study

Geography mapping skills, life and culture of Puerto Rico as well as the other animals and its rich history with lots of hands-on learning activities make this study extra fun.

Learn about the Tiano people who originally inhabited the island. Create your own petroglyphs and rock art like the ancients.

Teen pages offer additional project ideas and study materials for teens and tweens to dig in and do more. These projects help implement critical thinking skills and develop higher learning as students prepare for high school and college.

Manatee Unit Study

This creative style of learning is never boring! Students can enjoy binder building activities, art, crafts, comparing and contrasting using items in your own area. Create an artist biography page on Claude Monet, whose famous Water Lilies paintings (favorite food of manatees) are still popular today.

95 pages of interactive materials and hands-on learning will help students retain what they learn and keep them excited about homeschooling.

Creative and exciting unit studies are designed to teach the whole family together. Revisit the material as students mature.

  • Bible and Handwriting – 2 Timothy 2:24 – gentleness.
  • Science – Manatee – Natural history, science and anatomy and immune system design in Creation. Vertebrates, invertebrates.
  • Geography – Mapping Caribbean,  Puerto Rico study.
  • 2 Spelling lists for older and younger students alike.
  • History – Puerto Rico’s rich cultural history.
  • Kids in the Kitchen – food/ recipe of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.
  • Language Arts – Exploring biographies – Claude Monet (artist profile) and more
  • Reading – Woven throughout the unit study – includes optional book list
  • Art Crafts and Activities – Coloring pages, word games, worksheets, notebooking pages, activities.
  • Teen Page and Activities – Power -point, videos, research paper and other ideas for further study.
  • Cross lateral learning – Projects and activities to help students with dyslexia and all different types of learners understand and retain materials.
  • Free pages to begin or add to a creative binder where all your studies can be kept for review or as a portfolio of your homeschool work! Lapbooking, binder builder pages, and other resources for research papers and/or sharing a project on Puerto Rico.


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