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Educational Kits

The Adventures educational kits are full of tools and adventure gear to help students get invested in their own learning. Hands-on learning, interactive unit studies, and adventure gear options include Seashell Kit, Owl Pellet Kit, Fossil & Sharks Teeth Kit, and the popular Adventure Pack.

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Interactive Unit Studies

The Adventure Homeschool Unit Studies are designed for multiple ages with the homeschool family in mind. Each interactive, hands-on unit includes options for preschoolers through high school to participate. The lessons teach primarily elementary through middle school.

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Learn more about how to homeschool from speaker, and homeschool curriculum creator - Kelli Becton. After teaching three boys, with needs ranging from gifted to dyslexic (and everything in-between) for over seventeen years, she's sharing why hands-on learning is key to success from preschool to college!

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Penguin Pack


”By and large, I’ve been a teacher for over 30 years, and THIS . . . is what real learning is all about! I'm buying this now for my granddaughter who will be homeschooling this year.” 

Teacher - Grandmother
~ Mrs. Thelma R. 

“Thank you! My kids are so excited. First, they went straight out to the yard and started exploring. Second, they are gathering all sorts of scientific data to learn about.” 

Homeschool Mom
~ Jennifer S. 

"As a homeschooler of two girls that are several grades apart, I loved this wildlife adventures study of Owls. I have a first and 7th grader and because of the quality and variety of material provided, I was able to tailor the lessons according to both girls levels of reading, history etc. The unit engaged both of my girls and got them excited about an animal they had not really thought much about. It is gratifying to hear my first grader explain the proventiculus to the kiddos in her Awana’s class. I love that all I have to do with this study is to add mathematics and we have covered all the core subjects (reading, spelling, history, geography, art, writing) and it all ties together. I wish I had discovered unit studies when I first started homeschooling. The girls loved it."

Homeschool Mom
~ Amy Rohrer 

"I can’t thank you enough for this curriculum! Nature Science is our learning connection with him (our little aspergian student). He is loving it, so far he’s really enjoying this unit study."

Homeschool Mom
~ Brenda Green