Everyday Exploring Holidays Bundle


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This Everyday Exploring Holidays Bundle is full of entertaining and educational printable activities. Practice math facts, handwriting, bible, and much more. While Labor Day is a more common holiday, have you learned about the origins? 9/11 has many stories to tell, The Little Chapel That Stood is one of our favorites. Enjoy Earth Day projects and lessons, Earth and Space studies, Lighthouse Day, and even celebrating National Wildlife Day with our Animal Tracks Cards! The Travel Pack is great for field trips as well as family travel. Kids who enjoy learning will retain more.  While most packs are designed for multiple ages in the family, it’s geared mainly to teach elementary age kids. Much of our materials are interactive. Click on the links to learn more in the lessons! 279 pages total

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      This pack is full of entertaining and educational printable activities – the Everyday Exploring Holidays Bundle is a terrific way to make homeschool fun. Practice math facts, handwriting, bible, and much more. Enjoy learning and exploring together every day!
  • Everyday Exploring Holiday Bundle
    • Patriotic Math Cards: Labor Day Lesson – 15 page
    • Patriotic Scripture Handwriting Pack – 13 pages
    • Remembering 9/11 Mini Unit Study – 13 pages
    • Earth Day – 40 pages
    • Earth and Space Pack – 21 pages
    • National Lighthouse Day Aug. 7: Exploring Lighthouses – 10 pages
    • Lighthouse Themed “Light of the World” Scripture Copywork (print and Cursive) – 28 pages

National Holidays

National Holidays

  • National Wildlife Day National Wildlife Day (Feb. 22nd & September 4th): Exploring Animal Tracks Cards – 7 pages
  • Everyday Exploring Wildlife and Nature Cards – 36 pages
  • National Preparedness Month September: Exploring Hurricanes – 23 pages
  • My Adventure Journal: Travel Pack – 73 pages

Everyday Exploring Holidays Bundle

When children are engaged and interested in their own learning, they retain the information much better. Using fun or special holidays to inspire them is a great way to get their attention and keep them coming back for more! Our materials are geared mostly to the elementary age child but are designed with the homeschool family in mind. Read information together out loud – click on some of the interactive links, then enjoy the writing and other activities to reinforce the learning.

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