Sea Turtle Unit Study – Mississippi State Study

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The Sea Turtle unit study is 88 pages and includes all you need to know about sea turtles for all ages in the family. The unit study includes bible, spelling (different levels & ages), vocabulary, science, history & geography.

Your sea turtle studies will take you to Mississippi where you will learn about both the geography and history of the state. Word search, sea turtle art, creative writing and phonics are also built into the study.

It includes a profile study on Ulysses S. Grant, videos and additional hands on learning projects. Digital Product. Print as needed.


Sea Turtle Unit Study – Mississippi State Study

(Preschool – High School) Update 2019

*digital product – interactive – print only the pages you need!

Get your students excited about learning. Use hands on learning project ideas from our Sea Turtles unit study to inspire your kids and begin an exciting journey of everyday exploring in your family homeschool.

sea turtle unit study

There is something for all ages. Keep youngest students happy and busy while older students dig in for a deeper study. There are always additional links for further research. Use the study for the suggested three day week, or use extra materials for a full week. Those using other curriculum may want to use these studies as enrichment activities over the course of a month or so.

sea turtle unit study

sea turtle unit study

Learn about sea turtle life-cycles, and how to keep nesting turtles safe. From Civil War history at Vicksburg, Mississippi to sea turtle migration – this study will get their attention and keep it!

Quotes from homeschool moms and customers . . .

My goodness! We just received our nature study Adventure Kit and my boys are beyond excited! I even got a ‘best mom ever’ – Thanks so much!” Happy Homeschool Mom ~ Emily E. 

” By and large, I’ve been a teacher for over 30 years, and THIS . . . is what real learning is all about!” ~ Mrs. Thelma R. 

Sea Turtle Unit Study – Mississippi

  • Bible Study – Psalm 95:5, God the Creator.
  • Language Arts – swim/swam/swum grammar lesson, interactive vocabulary, creative writing.
  • Geography – Mississippi state study,
  • History – Mississippi history, civil war history in Mississippi (Vicksburg), Ulysses S. Grant biography
  • Science – sea turtle nesting, habitats, ID, design in Creation, navigation, 3D notebooking
  • Reading – woven throughout the unit as well as optional book list
  • Teen activities – Powerpoint, videos, research paper and project to discover how colleges put scientific studies together.
  • Cross lateral learning – Projects and activities to help students with dyslexia and all different types of learners understand and retain materials.
  • Kids in the Kitchen – other hands on learning, Mississippi Mud Cake & more recipes
  • Bonus material – loads of interactive materials and projects included
  • Hands on Learning – design a travel brochure, diorama, and more.


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