Bald Eagle Unit Study – Washington DC

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Bald Eagles Unit Study

Washington DC Study – Updated 2018

(Preschool – High School)

*digital product – interactive – print only pages needed

Award winning interactive Christian unit studies – Include bible, history, geography, vocabulary, spelling – everything but math, and a newly added Teen Study Ideas page and Kids in the Kitchen recipes.

Did you know that Ben Franklin never wanted bald eagles to be the emblem of our nation? Find out why he preferred the wild turkey to the majestic bald eagle. Explore both history, and natural history. Interactive learning along with science includes videos, word games and hands on projects. We’ve designed the Bald Eagles Unit Study for the whole family to enjoy together.

Hands on learning, great for dyslexia with activities specially designed for cross-lateral learning.

92 pages of interactive learning fun!

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Bald Eagle Unit Study – Washington DC Geography

This Bald Eagle Unit Study is 92 pages with tons more built-in, interactive material to explore. Suggested lesson plans to use in a week, or in a month! Everything is built right in. All you need is a computer to read the lessons and interactive materials, and a printer for consumable pages. Recommended book list included, but not required.

Interactive Unit Study

 Bald Eagle Unit Study

Bald Eagles Unit Study

Exciting studies include bible, science, history, geography (Washington DC), spelling, vocabulary, reading, writing, art & more. Links are included for older students to do further reading and research. Homeschool the whole family together! (92 Pages of reproducible material with additional interactive features and bonus printables).

More Sample Pages 

Edventure Kid Unit Study Bald Eagle

Adventures Interactive unit studies are designed for the homeschool family, by our homeschool family. Teaching multiple ages is easy with these unit studies. Combining subjects, like bible and handwriting, save you time & money.

The Bald Eagles unit study comes with flexible lesson plans laid out over the course of a week long study, or supplement other curriculum once or twice a week over the course of the month.

The Bald Eagles unit study covers every major subject – except math. All of the Wildlife Adventures unit studies take little to no preparation ahead of time. The Bald Eagles unit includes interactive links with video and more to enhance learning.

Edventure Kid Unit Study Bald Eagle

Additional features include

  • Bible and Handwriting – Isaiah 40:31 – What does it mean to wait on the Lord?
  • Science – Bald Eagles – Natural history, science.
  • Geography – Mapping, (District) Washington D.C. study profile and icons
  • 2 Spelling lists for older and younger students alike
  • History – Profile study on Dolly Madison – who started wonderful traditions at the White House, and George Washington
  • Language Arts – Exploring prefixes and words of the English language, vocabulary, writing.
  • Reading – Woven throughout the unit study – includes optional book list
  • Art Crafts and Activities – Coloring pages, word games, worksheets, notebooking pages
  • Teen Page and Activities – Powerpoint, videos, research paper and project to discover how colleges put scientific studies together.
  • Cross lateral learning – Projects and activities to help students with dyslexia and all different types of learners understand and retain materials.
  • Free pages to begin or add to a creative binder where all your studies can be kept for review or as a portfolio of your homeschool work!
  • Hands on Learning – Lapbooking pages or binder builder, design a national seal, preparing interview questions, building blocks project, design a monument in honor of a leader today.


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