Beginning Sounds Dyslexia Worksheets – OX OW OG

Beginning Sounds Dyslexia Worksheets

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Use these beginning sounds dyslexia worksheets to help young learners and those with dyslexia to practice recognizing the OX OW OG sounds.

Especially for Dyslexia

The worksheets incorporate drawing into the writing and learning to help kids (especially with dyslexia) to retain what they are seeing and hearing. The creative act of drawing pulls from a different area in the brain, by engaging the right (creative) side before and while sounding out and writing the letters, you empower the rest of the brain to do its job reading and writing.

Right Brain strategies such as these can go a long way toward success for dyslexic learners. These worksheets are designed with that in mind, but are good for many types of learners as they incorporate several techniques.

Beginning Sounds Dyslexia Worksheets

Students will complete drawings to the best of their ability (like the owl) – use of color for those with dyslexia can be helpful. After drawing, students should point to the beginning sounds blend (like the OW) and say the sound out loud and then the word (OWL). Finally, students write the blended sound and the word before moving on to the next beginning sounds.


Beginning Sounds Dyslexia WorksheetsBeginning Sounds Dyslexia WorksheetsBeginning Sounds Dyslexia Worksheets

Beginning Sounds Dyslexia Worksheets







Young learners, kinesthetic (hands on), and dyslexic learners will love these worksheets! Remind them the drawings don’t need to be perfect, just do their best and draw their own version. Like most things, drawing improves with time and practice.

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