The Beatitudes Copywork

The Beatitudes Copywork

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The Beatitudes Copywork can be used to expose students to well-written works, character building, writing, grammar, spelling and more – in the style of Charlotte Mason.

Copywork Benefits for Dyslexia

Even students who don’t like to write, or those who struggle with dyslexia benefit greatly from copywork. Once the student understands that copywork helps save them time by combining subjects – they get on board quickly!

The consistent exposure is great for dyslexia. Our copywork uses dyslexia friendly fonts for cursive and print. Additionally, we include coloring pages to engage both the left and right brain. This is helpful, along with using color and creativity for students with dyslexia.

Copywork is a creative way to help students become familiar with a variety of well-written work. Familiarity with grammar, syntex, proper spelling, vocabulary and more is all combined within the copywork pages.

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So, What Are the Beatitudes?

Basically, The Beatitudes are a series of bible verses and blessings taken from the Sermon on the Mount. In Matthew, chapter 5,  Jesus laid out very clearly how He expects us to treat others and live our lives. Within the 12 main verses, you can learn a lot about how to have a blessed life!

For instance – “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” The poor in spirit refers to those who are humble and realize that all gifts and blessings come from the grace of God. Those who live a life aware that each and everything they have is a blessing from God, are happier people! Christ teaches the Beatitudes because they are good for us, not to limit or control our behavior, but because He knows that therein lies the secret to a happy and fulfilled life.

Find more resources for understanding each of the Beatitudes with links and articles found here.

The Beatitudes Copywork

Understanding the Beatitudes can have an extremely positive effect on your child. Why not use them to teach reading, spelling, and writing all at the same time?

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View the sample pages below:

The Beatitudes Copywork


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