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Using creative art, maps, hands-on learning, interactive, and video resources to make learning fun! Engaging curriculum to help kids discover the world around them. 35 different countries covered from all around the globe! Digital Product.


In this geography binder builder links to websites, videos, and pictures are provided on countries A-Z. After visiting the website link page to read about a country, students will click the button to watch videos on the country. Additionally, pages are provided with country pictures.

Students will cut out pictures and add them to binder builder pages along with any facts and a summary of the information they have learned about the country.

More study from the library or internet research is always available for a deeper dive study. The same notebooking pages can be used to organize any information gleaned in the process.

The colorful graphics are terrific for students with dyslexia and other learning issues. The combination of physically putting the pages together, reading online together, and video input is a great way to reach multiple learning styles and helps students retain information learned.

What is a Binder Builder?


A binder builder is simply a set of graphics and notebooking pages to organize information learned on various topics. The information is accumulated and displayed in a binder, which grows as you build it full of fun facts, pictures, and information. Use the cover from this curriculum or create your own Binder Builder Cover. Let kids personalize them as desired. Map pages can also be used as an attractive cover.

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2 reviews for Geography Binder Builder

  1. Din

    This is so cute! Thank you

  2. Fran

    Great material! Thank you!

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